Beth Jones

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I was born and raised in Keizer, Oregon. I took a detour to Arizona and Texas but returned to Oregon in 2004 and soon met my husband, Ray. We have two children, ages 16 and 13. We are now settled in Turner and love living in this rural community.

In 2005, my young family experienced situational poverty. This season of life became a blessing because it showed me the needs of similarly situated families around us. With this knowledge, I started the non-profit, Bambinos, Oregon. (

Thanks to strong support from local businesses, the faith community, and volunteers, Bambinos has grown into a well-known program that serves low-income families and foster families in Polk County. Bambinos has always operated with volunteers and private donations. No government grants are applied for or accepted. I have personally experienced the strengths and weaknesses in our state social service programs and will be a strong advocate for positive changes.

In 2010, soon after graduating with honors from Corban University, I won a seat on the Dallas City Council. I spent four years on the council balancing budgets, dealing with difficult personnel issues, and learning how public policy shapes a community. My experiences at the local level will be an asset at the state level. I gained a unique perspective on how state policies affect small cities in rural Oregon. One size does not fit all! I am prepared to be a strong advocate for the Cities and Counties in HD 17.


In 2009, my husband, Ray, joined the Oregon Army National Guard and continues serving as an active-duty officer for the ORANG. During his deployment to Afghanistan with the 1249 Engineer Battalion, I served as the HHC/FSC Family Readiness Group (“FRG”) coordinator for the Battalion. I continued serving as an FRG coordinator for the 162 EN CO when Ray was appointed Commander. I’m a proud wife, daughter, sister, and aunt of Army and Air Force Veterans, and I have a special concern for all Oregon military members and their families.

In 2017, I realized I was meant to be a lawyer. I attended Willamette University School of Law and passed the bar exam before graduating. I’m a member of the Federalist Society and also serve as a board member for the Oregon chapter of the Christian Legal Society (“CLS”). 

I’ve worked for the same law firm in civil defense litigation since becoming a law clerk. (The Law Offices of Montoya, Hisel & Associates, formerly The Law Office of Gerald L. Warren & Associates). We represent Cities and Counties throughout Oregon, including Law Enforcement Officers and Corrections Officers. In 2020/21, I supported Common Sense for Oregon with extensive research on the constitutionality of Oregon's emergency statutes and their enforcement on businesses. In 2021, I conducted pro bono research on Oregon election laws for The Heritage Foundation. 

I have successfully advocated for others in state courts, federal courts, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Now, I want to successfully advocate for YOU in the Oregon Legislature!