Beth Jones


"I have worked with Beth Jones on a variety of legal and political matters. She will continue pushing back against state regulation overload. Beth Jones is a critical thinker and a problem solver. She has the experience, knowledge, and passion it takes to be a strong advocate for you in the Oregon Legislature."
- Kevin Mannix

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" Beth Jones is a proven fighter for parental rights in public, private, and home-school education. We need Beth in the Legislature to strengthen our fight for Parents’ Rights in Education!”
- Suzanne Gallagher, Parents' Rights In Education PAC Director

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“We trust Beth will STAND UP for working families’ jobs and properly manage our forests.” 
– Angelita Sanchez, #TimberUnity PAC Co-Director

"It was truly refreshing to learn Beth Jones was running to be a State Representative in District 17. Refreshing because I feel she is running for the right reasons. She has a Servant’s heart, a sharp mind, and understands the Constitution. Should she get elected we can trust that when she takes the oath of office she will make decisions with a thorough understanding of her role and our rights. We can trust Beth. She will fight for us. She is a woman of faith and moral character. I endorse Beth Jones!"

- Dama Curtright

Now, more than ever, we need legislators in Salem who are there to make changes, not continue the status quo. Someone who is willing to speak up when it may be hard, and represent their district. Beth has the tenacity and experience to take this on.

- Stacey Cayce

As an attorney, Beth knows what has been trampled on the last couple years, our rights as Oregonians, and the Oregon Constitution. She understands how to represent the interests of others. Her skills and experience as an attorney are without a doubt, what is needed to succeed as our next representative.

- Tammy Bennett

"Beth Jones is honest, works for the best of the people, has integrity, is a good communicator, is family-oriented, and is trustworthy. She's the kind of person hard-working, honest people want representing us"

- Petra Cole

"I endorse Beth Jones for State Representative in HD 17. Beth has the integrity and character necessary to help counterbalance the majority currently in the House of Representatives. As a Republican Attorney, she would offer priceless guidance to other Republicans who are outnumbered by opposition attorneys in the Democrat party. Her faith and experiences will keep her in touch with Oregonians. As a Parents’ Rights In Education leader, I value her stances on education issues for Oregon Children.

- Margaret Hyland

"I've known Beth for years and I endorse her as a representative for the people. She stands up where others refuse to. She has the integrity and commitment that it takes to combat those who threaten our freedoms and constitutional rights! She's got my vote! Always will! Go Beth!"

- Garry Myers

"I want Beth Jones as my State Representative because she is a hard worker for all the qualities of good government that I strongly believe in. I will vote for her and I will recommend her to my family and friends in District 17!"

- Joan Robinson

"Her strong personal character,  experiences, and professional training;  profoundly fit the task!"

- Rick Strawn

"Beth Jones knows how to fight for Constitutional policies. Republicans need her legal skills in Salem!”

- Cedric Hayden, State Representative

“Beth fought to protect SMALL BUSINESSES and Individuals from Kate Brown’s tyranny!”
– Jen Jacobson, “Beloved Cheesecakes” owner

"I have known Beth for ten years and what stands out for me is her integrity. With Beth, what you see is what you get. She will tell you her view on any issue and you can rely on the fact that her answer to you, as a citizen, will be reflected in her voting and her work. We could all use someone in office with that kind of integrity."
- Çhristopher L. Campbell

Oregon Moms Building Excellent Schools Together PAC

Unified Business Oregon – Local Jobs Matter PAC

No Tolls Oregon PAC

Marty Heyen, Salem/Keizer School Board-Member

Mike Schaufler, Turner City Councilor, former State Representative

Jordan Ohrt, Stayton City Councilor

Tim Kirsch, Mill City Mayor 

Dawn Plotts, Mill City Councilor



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